ParentsNext Information and Tips

This information and tips are to help you navigate ParentsNext when you’ve been told to participate, or you are in the program

PN Infosheet Jan 2019

Senate Inquiry into ParentsNext

It a allows us to tell the government our views and experiences about ParentsNext. Including letters from DHS-centrelink, DHS- centrelink appointments, appointments and services with the ParentsNext providers. You can talk about any matter such as activities, reporting, exemptions, suspension, incorrect or confusing information.  It`s your call, as the terms of reference are broad.

Key dates:

  • Submissions to close Feb 1st, 2019. You need to contact the committee Secretary if you want an extension –
  • Hearings possibly early March but it’s up to the committee to set the time
  • Report date of the inquiry is set for 31st March 2019

How to write a submission or get involved:  Click on the link below

Senate Inquiry into ParentNext – Dec 2019

 ParentsNext Participants Survey